Based in

The Great White North

Atlin, British Columbia

(Bordering Alaska and the Yukon)

Written for

Globe and Mail, Canadian Geographic, Cottage Life, Yukon, North of Ordinary, BoatUS, Cruising World, Good Old Boat, SAIL, and Sailing World

Contributing editor at BoatUS and Good Old Boat

Editor of millennial sailing site WaterborneMag.com

Awards and recognition

The Carlyle Norman Scholarship, Banff Mountain and Wilderness Writing Program (2018)

Boating Writers International awards:

2nd for "Electric Dreams and Hybrid Solutions" (2020)

2nd for "Following the Whales" (2020)

3rd for "Stand up Draftsman" (2020)

2nd for "What Women Want in Boating" (2018)

1st for "Where Are All the Young Boaters?" (2017)

When not writing

Sailed 13k miles from Vancouver to Mexico to Australia in a 35 ft boat

Skiing, sledding, and hiking in the Great White North


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